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I joined the Corps des Mines in September 2011 and I thus stopped my teaching and research activities (LinkedIn profile).

Still, these few pages remain available for later reference and archive.

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Probabilistic Abstract Interpretation

This paper, written with P. Cousot, proposes a new formalism for static analysis of programs that involve probabilities. It extends classical abstract interpretation and allows for easy lifting of existing non-probabilistic analyses. It has been published at ESOP 2012.

The paper can be found below, also with the slides of the talks to give the intuitions behind the framework:

Research Fields, Recent Works & Talks

Scientific interests : Mathematics & Computer Science, more specifically cyber-security, abstract interpretation, static analysis, logic and programming.
Recent works :
  • Probabilistic Abstract Interpretation - joint work with Patrick Cousot, see above.
  • Cache behavior analysis by Abstract Interpretation - joint work with Chris Hankin. Talk at the NEVER seminar at NYU.
  • Object oriented Abstract Interpretation, contracts and objects invariants - Internship at Microsoft Research Redmond 2009, Report, in French.
  • More...